About Us

Welcome to No Coast Candle! We started No Coast Candle in the fall of 2020 during quarantine making candles and wax melts out of our house. We started the company with a goal of making great smelling candles and wax melts at an affordable price. Choices are limited for brand name candles in rural Iowa without having to drive to the city to get them. Having to drive to the city is also a barrier for individuals who don’t have access to transportation or reliable transportation.

To accomplish our goals, we started with selling wax melts only for $5. We started with 2oz melts then increased the size to 3oz net weight without increasing the cost. We also offered free delivery within 30 miles of Shenandoah, Iowa. In November 2020, we launch 8oz paraffin candles for $10.

In July 2021, we did a massive re-launch. We switched our candles from paraffin wax to soy wax. We also added 16oz candles. There was a great demand for soy wax over paraffin wax since soy wax burns cleaner without the black soot that paraffin gives off. At the same time, we launched free shipping on orders $100 and for the orders who didn’t qualify, we did not mark up shipping. We did not want to make a profit from shipping that customers paid.

Today, we still make 8oz candles, 16oz candles, and wax melts. We hand pour everything in our home in southwest Iowa. Our goal is still to provide great products at affordable costs. But as we grow as a company, we are evolving and have new goals. We want No Coast Candle to be a company focused on customers while also being an environmentally friendly company.

To achieve our new goals, we use removable labels on our candles and wax melts. This allows customers to remove the label for multiple reasons. If someone doesn’t like labels on candles or they like to decorate the jars to match their personality or the season, they can do just that without our label stuck on or needing to use elbow grease to get it off. Removable labels also makes it easier to recycle the container by removing the adhesive that makes recycling difficult or it allows the container to be upcycled by the customer in their household for storage or DIY projects.

We recognize that without you as a customer, we would cease to exist as a company. That is why we want to ensure we sell what YOU want. By doing this, we are always taking scent suggestions or product ideas. When we launch a new collection, at least 2 scents are customer suggested scents that are voted on by our Facebook followers.

We want to thank each and every one of you for being a customer whether you were with us from the start or you are new to No Coast Candle! Be sure to like our Facebook page and subscribe to our email list to be in the know for new products, sales, and scents we may launch! Take your time looking around our site and let us know if you have any questions. We are confident that No Coast Candle will become your new favorite candle!

- Seth Johnson and Brenton Croll