Supporting Local

We’ve all heard the phrase “shop local.” But do you know why you should shop locally and support your local small businesses? Let’s take a look some of the benefits of shopping local.

The most common reason we hear about why we should shop local is to keep our dollars in the community. What does that look like though? For No Coast Candle, that means we make donations with either cash or product to other local businesses as fundraisers or give aways to staff. We’re able to sponsor different events in Iowa and southwest Iowa for non-profit organizations that are hosting fundraising events. We are able to support other local businesses because of customers like you who support us.

Keeping in line with keeping our dollars in our community, when you support us, the sales tax you pay on your order comes right back to your county (1% local option sales tax in Page County, this can vary by county; 6% is Iowa state sales tax). Yes, shopping at a big box retailer, you also have to pay the same sales tax. But did that big box retailer receive tax breaks or incentives to build here? We haven’t received any sort of tax breaks so 100% of our sales tax goes right back to the community for re-investment having a net positive affect since the local governments don’t have to replenish any sort of tax account by providing us a tax break. Over half of the local option sales tax No Coast Candle has to remit comes right back to Page County.

Have you ever had to contact customer service with a multi-million dollar company and received less than satisfactory customer service? Owning a small business is more than “just a job” for the owners. It’s their livelihood. By shopping local, you are going to receive better customer service more often than you would shopping with a big box retailer. Here at No Coast Candle, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. We value each and every customer we have and we know you have multiple options when it comes to purchasing candles.

So how can you support small businesses? There are a variety of ways! Let’s check out some great ways to support local.

  1. Buy gift cards. This is a great way to support a small business when you don’t need any of their products at the moment. If your favorite product is a seasonal product and it’s currently out of season, buying a gift card in the off season when you have extra cash is a great way to ensure you’ll be able to get the product later when it comes back in season. Gift cards are also a great gift and a great way to share a business with friends and family who may not have heard of that business. No Coast Candle actually has e-gift cards so you can purchase a gift card and have it sent directly to someone else or straight to your email.
  1. Tell friends and family. It is often said that word of mouth advertising is the most valuable advertising a business can have. I know I personally am more likely to support a local business if someone I know and trust recommends them. Do you have a favorite scent from No Coast Candle? Tell your friends and family to check us out and try your favorite scent or see if they can find their own favorite!
  1. Write reviews. Leaving public reviews can reach people that are outside of your social circle. Consider leaving a review on social media for your favorite companies and what you like about them. For No Coast Candle, we have a Facebook page you can leave a review on or Google.

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