Looking Forward

Welcome to 2023! In our first blog we did a 2022 review. We had a fantastic year and are thankful all of you supported us one way or another. As we look forward to 2023, we’re excited what’s in store and share it with all of you! We have a busy year planned and a mile long wish list and goal list.

Some of our big goals include adding 2 new wholesale accounts. We currently have 3 accounts and our goal is to be at 5 by end of the year. Our 3 current ones include Shenandoah Floral, Clarinda Flower Shop, and HoneyNut Home.

We want to have customers in 25 states which would require us to add 7 new states. Oklahoma and both the Dakotas are very elusive for us!

Obtain a Facebook following of 800 so add 282 new followers.

We also want to hit 400 email subscribers. To do this, we need to obtain 182 more. In 2022, we added 131 new subscribers. We try not to send too many emails but sometimes email subscribers get a sneak peak at a new product line. Or first dibs on sales before we announce it on Facebook.

While those are 3 of our big goals, we have quite the list of smaller, internal goals. Some of our smaller goals for us include increasing our social media presence. Would it be beneficial to create a LinkedIn account? We want to do more Facebook Live’s to connect with all of you. Utilizing TikTok could be an advantage. Another goal is to be consistent with our blog posts. By writing blogs, we are able to provide you information regarding what’s going on with No Coast Candle or it could be informative as to why we do what we do. Why do we use soy wax? Why do we use removable labels? Why should you support a small, local business? Be on the look out for future blogs to cover these topics and more!

Thank you to everyone who stuck with us through 2022! We’re looking forward to a great 2023 and are always open to suggestions and comments! You can contact us through Facebook by messaging us or emailing us if there is something you would like to see us add.

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