2022 In Review

As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to reflect on the year and thank all of our customers. Brenton and I set very ambitious goals for No Coast Candle. In our full 2nd year of running NCC, we set out to gain 2 new wholesale accounts and double our sales from 2021. We started strong early on in the year by adding the Clarinda Flower Shop as a wholesaler in the first quarter. Once we started selling with them, we had high hopes we would achieve our goals for the year. It wasn’t until November when we gained our second wholesaler. We had joined a wholesale site where we can sell our products to any retailer in 5 different countries. The first order from this site came from a store in Ogden, Iowa, called HoneyNut Home. We hit our goal of adding two new wholesalers and we close 2022 selling in 3 stores, Shenandoah Floral, Clarinda Flower Shop, and HoneyNut Home.

Now for our second goal. Doubling our sales from 2021 was going to be difficult, we knew that. But we weren’t deterred. No Coast Candle started doing more sponsorships in our local community. We sponsored the speech contests at the Shenandoah High School. We sponsored a hole at the Nishna Productions golf tournament. We started sponsoring trivia nights with Nishna Productions. And we donated baskets and gift cards to numerous fundraisers in the area. Unfortunately, we did not hit our goal of doubling the annual sales. We may not have hit the goal, but we did break records for sales (not hard to do when it’s only our 2nd year but it’s fun to say). And we could not have done that without every one of our customers and we are truly thankful for all of you.

Let’s recap some fun and interesting facts for No Coast Candle in 2022:

  • We added hand soap to our line up and that has proven to be one of the best sellers
  • We don’t have final numbers of how many miles our packages have traveled in 2022 but for the 6 months we do have (our busiest months), our packages have traveled 19,225 miles across the US. By comparison, our packages traveled a total of 6,583 miles in all of 2021
  • We added at least 5 new states in 2022 to bring our total to 18 states we have a customer in
  • We attended at least 20 craft and vendor fairs

Thank you to everyone who has purchased from us or interacted with any of our social media posts in 2022. We wouldn’t be where are today without all of you. Thank you for a great 2022 and here's to an even better 2023! Stay tuned in early 2023 for our new goals.

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